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April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON

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♥ Thank you! ♥

CC32 was a roaring success, thanks to our wonderful volunteers and sponsors and of course the awesome attendees and panelists who shared their enthusiasm and skills! We had the biggest attendance of any Costume-Con and the biggest F&SF Masquerade ever!

BIG NEWS: Costume-Con will be returning to Toronto in 2017!  We also hope to see many familiar faces at Costume-Con 33 in Charlotte SC (next year) and Costume-Con 34 in Madison WI (2016)!

Official photos by Christine Mak can be seen here; some galleries not up yet. If you have photos or con-reports you’d like to share, you can share them on our Facebook page or email them to us.

Masquerade results are listed on their respective pages:

Single Pattern Contest

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Masquerade

Future Fashion Folio & Show

Historical Masquerade

Doll Costume Contest


Programming Schedule! (Finally)

Schedule is up! There may be some last-minute changes as a few panels may get cancelled if enough panelists cannot be found.

Programming Schedule (doesn’t include Masquerades)

Please let us know ASAP if you’d like to participate in any of these panels *as a teacher*!

Big Puffy Dresses
Cool Costume Animes
Crossplay for Women
Defying Gravity
Fur and Fursuits
History of Convention Costuming and Cosplay
Intro to Tailoring
Jewelry for Costumes
Making Wings
Managing Groups

Millinery Basics
Papier Maché
Plus Sized Costuming
Props and Weapons
Sewing Leather
Skit basics
Stage Makeup
Weapon Safety

Schedule coming soon!

We’re frantically finalizing the schedule; hope to have it up in the next couple of days. Thank you to everyone for your patience!

Hotel update!

There have been a few cancellations, so some rooms at our main hotel have opened up, in case anyone’s looking for last-minute accommodations or thinking of switching!

Site Selection

Choosing Costume-Con’s Location

For those new to Costume-Con, the con is run like Worldcon on a bid system; local groups must bid to host the con in their city.

At each Costume-Con, all attending and supporting members can vote for Site Selection of the CC three years from that date (for example, voting for the CC32 Site Selection took place at CC29).

This year we will be voting on the location for Costume-Con 35 in 2017. You can visit the CC34 table at the con for more information and for voting (they will be receiving and tabulating the votes). Voting costs $10, but if the site you voted for wins the bid, that $10 counts towards your membership.

You can download the ballot here, and submit it in person at the con; there will also be copies available at the con. If you are registered as a member of CC32 but are not attending the con, please contact us to send in your ballot via email.

Progress Reports!

Progress reports can be seen here:

Progress Report 1

Progress Report 2

CC32 Volunteers Wanted!

Costume-Con 32 wants (re: needs) YOU! Come volunteer for us and make the show more awesome! We need volunteers for just about every duty and department, so don’t hesitate to sign up!

Please note: You must have purchased a CC32 membership in order to volunteer. If you have not purchased one, please do so now, then apply to volunteer.

+ Volunteer Registration
+ Volunteer Agreement
+ CC32 Membership Registration

Overflow hotel info added!

Our main con hotel is now SOLD OUT!  We’re overwhelmed with the response to CC32!  We’ve added overflow hotels; here’s the info:


IMPORTANT: Missing email addresses!

Not everybody provided their email address when they signed up, and some email addresses may be old/incorrect, so there are some members who aren’t getting our emails.  We’ll be sending out a Progress Report soon, so we want to make sure we have everyone’s correct info!

If you have registered but didn’t receive our emails about the Future Fashion Folio, please contact us with your updated email address.

Group Discount for more than 4 people

Want a group discount for more than 4 people? The system only allows increments of 4 at the moment (techies working on it), so if you need a different number please contact us via email/FB and we’ll tell you how to do it. :)