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Clear plastic tubing with an extra heavy wall makes for the perfect POP display. With an acrylic-like look, this thick-wall tubing is easily fabricated to the requirements of any display design. Available in 6-foot lengths, extra heavy wall tubing is transparent and is highly impact resistant.

Plastic extruded tubing can easily be fabricated to create functional and attractive P.O.P. displays in many dimensions. The durability of the extra heavy wall plastic tubing allows for drilling, cutting, machining, bending, and bonding of the item to meet specific display requirements. For utmost success the point-of-purchase industry requires a brilliant visual display, and with PETG clear extra heavy wall tubing clarity is at the highest level.

While it appears that the greatest advantage of PETG is the clarity, the fact is the PETG material is less costly than acrylic. You really get more for less making the advantages clear.

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