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thermoforming company, clamshell manufacturing, clamshell manufacturing company, thermoforming company, plastic packaging manufacturing companyFacts:The following is a compilation from a September 2, 2014 exchange between VisiPak and Danny Songhurst, owner of Songhurst Guitars, LLC., an internationally acclaimed and family owned company with products made in the USA, since 1999. (


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We were definitely looking for a tube, specifically a USA made tube.


We manufacture guitar slides. ALL of our 25 SKU's are packaged in VisiPak tubes.


Product originally hit the market in 1999. My company, Songhurst Guitars, LLC purchased The Rock Slide® in 2011. It WAS made in Taiwan, at that time. Our goal was to re-launch it as a fully USA made product. ALL manufacturing is now done in the USA including down to our stickers.


The Rock Slide® is in over 400 USA stores from small indie shops to the Guitar Center Chain/web. ( We also have distributors in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Great Britain, North Holland, Australia and Canada.


Rock Slides are used by guitar players around the world, from the novice to professional musicians.


Rob Strauser, VisiPak Regional Account Manager, informed Songhurst about VisiPak labeling capabilities. In the end, VisiPak provided the tubes and caps. The label was shipped to VisiPak where they were applied to the tubes before shipping all finished goods to Songhurst Guitars. Originally, there was concern about the label application to the tubes, but Visipak worked directly with the print shop. Songhurst Guitars was extremely pleased with Rob’s ability to get the labels applied correctly and to get “it right the first time!”


Rob solved many problems for us. When we took over they were packaged in these TERRIBLE little bags with a fold over cardboard label stapled to the top. YOUR packaging has actually increased sales for us because people can check out the slide, and the best part is the store can put the cap right back on and it looks good as new. Before, store owners didn't like to let the customer try them out because it was required to destroy the packaging in order to take the product out.


As stated above, sales have increased due to the new packaging. In the beginning, tubes were ordered from a VisiPak competitor. “You guys offer better service and your product is better.”

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