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April 25-28

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Single Pattern Competition

Running Order and Awards:

# Entry Title Participants Award
1 Werewolf soldier Derekica Snake
2 Red Hat werewolf Karen Siemens Most Whimsical
3 The cloak 2000 Melting Mirror
4 Raiment of faith Pierre E. Pettinger Elegant Panel Work
5 Tale coat Jacqueline Ward Best in Show
6 Calico cat-fish Sarah Bloy
7 Surf’ n turf collection Rosanna Caponi Great Ensemble & Character
8 Winter Fairy Maral Agnerian Most Beautiful
9 Sirens Joan Stewart
10 Pele, Goddess of Volcanos Gaia Eirich Attention to detail
11 Seahorse at the wedding Sarah Yaworsky
12 Ice Dragon Trixyloupwolf
13 Lamia Val Hansen Sinfield
14 Fairy of the water realm Kelsey Brunton
15 Mermaid promenade Malady Gaver Classiest Interpretation
16 Seas of Sand Calamity
17 Rising twilight Jamila Sisco
18 Fishy Fish ! (Bloop Bloop) Meaghan Sullivan Klie/Erin Emms Creepiest
19 Ember Shawna Valentiate Best Literal Interpretation


The patterns below are to be used as a starting point for creating an outfit. You may stay close to the original pattern, or alter it dramatically, but the final product must be recognizable as being made from one (or more) of the patterns.

You must be a registered member of Costume-Con 32 to enter or model garments in this contest. You may make and enter more than one garment, but an individual should plan on appearing on stage only once. If you wish to combine garments into a “look”, say a dress and cape or jacket, you can model them both at the same time.

Here are some examples of previous year’s patterns and  the final results, to give you an idea of how it works:

Original pattern: 1930s evening gown, and some of the results:


Original pattern: Medieval fantasy gown, and some of the results:



Our patterns for CC32:

Simplicity 4043 Child, Girl and Miss Mermaid Costume


Simplicity 2513 Men’s Werewolf, Sherlock & Vampire Costume


Please note: The werewolf costume pattern has been discontinued by Simplicity, but stock is still available at many retailers and online. We have also purchased a number of copies; if you are unable to find the pattern locally, you can purchase it from us:



At the convention:

The Single Pattern Contest entries will be displayed during the Friday Night Social party, in a simple fashion-show style format.  No skits or other types of detailed presentations are required; entrants will walk on, show off their outfit to best advantage, and then walk off.