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April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Masquerade

The F&SF Masquerade is the type of masquerade contest most of us are used to – short stage presentations, backstage workmanship judging, and any type of costume is welcome. That includes anime, video games, fursuits, robots, original designs, anything you can dream up!

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Masquerade awards:

Novice Workmanship

Honorable mention for creative problem solving: #26 Disco Goldfish

Honorable mention: #24 The Problem with Being a Ginger

Honorable mention: # 21 Sailor Venus & Sailor Jupiter

Honorable mention: # 41  Jane Engage Trickster Mode

Best Novice Mascot: # 15 My Name is Earl

Best Novice Finishing: # 17 Anna of Arendale

Best Novice Tailoring: # 36 Rufio

Best Novice Leatherwork: # 35 Vash the Stampede

Best Novice Props: # 23 Magic Armor Link

Best Novice Recreation: # 7  I Am Fabulous

Best in Class Novice Workmanship: Tie, # 18 Guild Wars 2   and # 39 Elphaba the Wicked

Novice Presentation

Honorable mention: # 21 Sailor Venus & Sailor Jupiter

Honorable mention: # 32 Loki

Most magical: # 23 Magic Armor Link

Disco Bowl: # 26 Disco Goldfish

Best Characterization #17 Anna of Arendale

Most wicked: # 39 Elphaba the Wicked

Best novice: # 7  I am Fabulous


Journeyman Workmanship

Honorable mention: # 53 Live Like a Pirate

Honorable mention: # 59 Renegade Lady Tardis

Best Journeyman Tailoring: # 51 Prince Hans of the Southern Isles

Best Journeyman Metalwork: # 68 Priestess of Dragons

Best Journeyman Mascot: # 10 Darkly Dawns the Duck

Best Mashup: # 66 Cyber Dalek

Best Journeyman Recreation: # 42 Just Another Day in the Tardis

Best Journeyman Finishing: # 54 Mirror Mirror Wedding Dress

Best Journeyman Accessories: # 76 Archangel Tryael & Nephalim Wizard

Best Use of Unusual Materials: # 28 Ghostbusters

Best Journeyman Details: # 22 Guardians of the Imaginary World

Best in Class Journeyman Workmanship: # 61 National Geographic a Fox Documentary

Journeyman Presentation

Honored for excellence: # 44 The Season Rairy

Honored for excellence: # 50 Dragon Born

Best Steampunk # 19 Unfinished Automaton

Best Mashup: # 66 Cyber Dalek

Most Enchanting: # 16 Memories

Best Musical Recreation: # 49 Galinda with a « ga »

Best Presentation: # 61 National Geographic a Fox Documentary

Most Elegant: # 22 Guardian of the Imaginary Worlds

Best in Class Journeyman Presentation: # 13 Conor’s Hunting Mission


Master Workmanship

Honorable mention for textile mixology: # 57 Spirit of the Depth

Honorable mention for detailing: # 48 Katniss Everdeen Wedding Gown

Superior Millinery: # 67 Kali Dance of Destruction

Best Configurative Engineering: # 72 Optimus Time

Best Mythical Interpretation: #52 The Zodiac

Best Screen Accuracy: # 73 The Curse

Best Reinterpretation: # 66 Frozen with a Twist

Excellence in Painting: # 31 The Faun

Technical Innovation in Tentacles: # 80 Ursula the Sea Witch

Technical Supremacy: # 85 Dalek Dreadnaught

Best in Class Master Workmanship: # 88 Father of the Forest

Master Presentation

Honored for excellence: # 5 Klingon Justice League

Honored for excellence: #88 Father of the Forest

Most Transformative: # 72 Optimus Time

Best Twist: # 75 Yet Another Frozen Skit

Best Dr Who: # 79 Nemesis

Most Beautiful Master: # 62 The Feathered Bride

Most Entertaining: # 60 Frozen with a Twist

Most Evocative: # 52 The Zodiac

Best in Class Master Presentation: # 31 The Faun



# 77 A Clockwork Circus


Masquerade Rules


I.    Competition Categories

All costumes entered must be either Original or Recreation.

Original costumes are designed by the contestant, although they may be inspired by a fantasy, science fiction, or other source.

Recreation costumes are those whose design is copied from a media or other source, be it TV, film, art, illustration, comics, theatre. They may also be recreated from a print description. Documentation of the original source, showing at least one good view of the costume, or a print/prose description by the designer/author, must be provided for judging. (Bring paper copies only, no books or other media.)

II.    Skill Divisions

The Skill Division System is for protecting those who have little to no experience in costume presentation and workmanship from having to compete with those who have costumed for many years. Entrants may always choose to compete at a higher division if they feel their skills are adequate, but they may not compete lower than a division in which they’ve won in the past.

Young Fan: Any contestant aged 13 or younger who made their own costume, who is not part of an adult group. All entries in a Young Fan group entry must be 13 or younger.

Novice: Any contestant who has not won more than two major awards, or Best in Division, or Best in Show, in the Novice Division in international competition. Any Young Fan contestant may elect to “compete up” and enter the Novice Division.

Journeyman: Any contestant who has not won more than three major awards, or Best in Division, or Best in Show, in the Journeyman Division in international competition. Any Young Fan or Novice contestant may elect to “compete up” and enter in the Journeyman Division.

Master: Any contestant who has competed and won in the Master Division in an international competition. Professional costumers must enter in the Master Division. Any contestant may elect to “compete up” and enter in the Master Division.

Group entries must enter in the skill division that their most experienced member sorts into.

Young Fans wearing adult-made costumes must enter in the adult’s skill division.

The Costume-Con masquerades are International-level competitions; the only other International-level masquerades are at Worldcon and Anime North. If you have never won awards at an international-level masquerade, you may enter as Novice at CC, but you may choose to go higher if you feel your skills are sufficient.

If you’re not sure which division you should enter, please contact the Masquerade Director.

III.    Rules

These are the things you MUST pay attention to, as violating one of the rules can and will make you ineligible for awards.

Remember, when in doubt, ask the Masquerade Director! Don′t guess.

1. All contestants must be registered attending members of CC-32. This includes both designers and models.

2. No purchased or rented costumes may be entered in this competition.

3. A costume may not be entered in this competition if it has won a “Best in Show” at an ICG-recognized international competition (Costume-Con, Worldcon or Anime North). A previous “Best in Division” winning costume from the above competitions may be entered only if it can be entered one skill division level higher than its previous win.

4. This competition is rated PG-13, so no nudity, please. “No costume is no costume” still applies.

5. No contestant may appear on stage more than once. Costumers may enter more than one costume, but each must appear on a different model. No “cameos” allowed, either.

6. Each entry will have no more than 60 seconds on stage. You may certainly use less time, but no more than that without prior approval.

7. No fire or open flame will be allowed on stage.

8. The “no peanut butter” rule applies: No messy substances – wet, dry, sparkly, or oily – that might ruin another costume are allowed on stage or in the Green Room.

9. No smoking in any Masquerade area.

10. No weapons will be allowed on stage that might endanger anybody. Entrants may not display weapons without prior approval by the Masq Director FIRST. Weapons display may be approved after proof of safe display at rehearsal.

11. No special effects (flash bulbs, strobes, sparklers, etc.) will be allowed on stage that might endanger anybody. Special effects may be approved after safe display at rehearsal, provided they are legal. In no case will a special effect be approved that leaves a mess on the stage.

12. No flash photography will be allowed during the competition. Please pose for your friends on stage after the contest, or for our photographer while you are not on stage!

13. Since there will be no live or pickup mikes on stage, you should pre-record your dialogue (if any) and background music. You may also submit text for the MC to read before, during, or after your entry. All of this background content may be vetted before approval to ensure we stick to our PG-13 rating.

14. Rehearsal is required. Sign up for a rehearsal slot on-site at the convention before rehearsals are scheduled to start.

15. Entry numbers will be given out in the Green Room. You must be in line and ready to go on stage when your entry number is called. If you miss your call, your entry may be dropped.

16. Entries must be able to go on and off stage with only minimal help from stage ninjas and within a reasonable amount of time, unless pre-arranged with the Masquerade Director.

17. The Masquerade Director requires real names to be supplied on entry forms. These real names must match the ones you used to register for the convention. Remember, you can always ask the MC to announce nicknames.

18. No exceptions will be made to these rules without advance approval by the Masquerade Director.

19. Do NOT surprise the Masquerade Director or crew! Let us in on what you have planned, and trust us to keep the surprise from the audience until you’re ready to unveil it.


IV.    Other Stuff and Pointers

Sound: We plan on accepting both CDs and MP3s. If you use CDs, be sure that they are recorded as an audio CD, that your dialogue/music is recorded on track #1, and that it is the ONLY track on the CD. When in doubt, bring extras, including extra blank media.

Lights: No details yet. Do not plan on anything more complicated than color washes, fade in/outs, and spotlights.

Power: Don’t plan on having access to power cords/plugs on stage.

Stage access: Plan on using stairs with non-removable handrails to enter/exit the stage. Do NOT plan on using a ramp, as one will probably not be available.

V.    Workmanship Judging

Workmanship judging is strictly optional, but encouraged. Your entire costume need not be judged; you can (and many do!) submit just one part of it for judging. For example, you may present just one prop, or a headdress, or all the beading.

If you think you may want workmanship judging, please check the YES box on your entry form. If you’re sure you won’t, please check NO. This will help us schedule our judges’ time better, to ensure everybody’s work gets a fair viewing.


VI. Entry Forms

Will be available closer to the convention date.


For more information, please email the F&SF masquerade director.