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April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON

Competitions & Events

The Single Pattern Contest: 2-3 commercially available patterns are chosen and you use the pattern as a starting point to make anything you wish! Use your creativity and go wild!


The Future Fashion Folio: Anyone can submit original fashion/costume designs. A panel will choose from those submitted and put together the Folio, which is sent out to all members and designers. Then you can make any design you wish and display it in a fashion show!


Historical Masquerade: A masquerade to celebrate all eras of history as well as traditional costume from other cultures. Costumes can be accurate recreations or original interpretations of historical style.


Fantasy and Science Fiction Masquerade: The traditional masquerade most of us are used to. Show off your creativity, workmanship and stagecraft skills!


Doll Costume Contest: Create and display a costume for a purchased or handmade doll.


Friday Night SocialThe traditional get-to-know-you event at Costume-Con is the Friday Night Social, a themed gathering with food, drinks and music.


Hall Contest: Show off your costume while wandering the halls!


FAQ for contests - common questions about how the competitions work!