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As a multi-process manufacturer of clear plastic packaging, we give you the opportunity to consider multiple options from one source. Our varied packaging solutions benefits our customers as some lines are complimentary.

  • Save time and money with VisiPak as your single source for clear packaging solutions.
  • Once the package style is chosen and any custom design work is completed, the project moves to VisiPak's manufacturing operation for production of the actual package.


  • Plastic Tube Containers
  • Clear Plastic Tubes & Tubing
  • Mailing Tubes
  • Hang Tubes

The Extrusion Process

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  • Stock Clamshells - Over 200 sizes
  • Semi-Custom Clamshells
  • Custom Clamshells
  • Blister Packs
  • Thermoformed Trays

The Thermoforming Process

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  • Caps and Plugs for Tubes and Containers
  • Plastic Vials
  • Bottoms for Containers
  • Custom Closures

The Injection Molding Process

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  • Caps and Plugs for Tubes and Containers

The Vinyl Dip Molding Process

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In addition to all of our plastics manufacturing processes, we offer a full array of in-house design, decorating and sealing services.

  • In-house Design
  • Numerous Printing Options
  • Graphics & Labels
  • Heat Sealing
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