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Engineers at VisiPak have designed and produced many custom clamshell packages, but when In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. requested a custom clamshell for their new product, the LintAlert™, the engineers faced their greatest challenge. The package required safely securing all components while maintaining overall specified size requirements. The LintAlert™ package design needed to be unique. With three separate pieces to the unit - the alarm module, the SmartTap™ fitting, and the tubing - the package design required each item to be clearly featured and secured.

Addressing the main component, the alarm module, required ingenuity. The contoured alarm, with its three-prong plug extending from the back, would occupy both sides of the clamshell in the closed package. This required the clamshell to have a pocket in the front featuring the contour of the module itself and another pocket in the back to contain the 3-prong plug. "The engineering challenge for this package design was especially unique because each side of the clamshell needed to be fitted precisely to secure the component inside the package," said Bill Dunn, Thermoforming Engineer. "In addition, we contemplated the other two main components, both complex in shape and size," said Bill.

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The SmartTap™ fitting, another primary feature of the LintAlert™, is positioned in its own pocket of the packaging, designed especially for the consumer to view the intricate part. At the same time, the pocket serves as protection for the fitting. The separate compartment for the two main parts of this safety product creates ease in the packaging assembly process.

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Last, but not least, is the 6-foot flexible tubing used to connect the first two components, completing the safety device. The entire six feet of tubing coils into a special section without disturbing the view of the other components. "The number of multiple pockets in one clamshell truly makes this a remarkable and efficient package design," said Rod Whittier, Thermoforming Manager.

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Incredibly, it does not stop here. In order to minimize shipping costs and shelf space, the package design needed to be compact. VisiPak engineers created all these features in one package that is still under nine inches tall and about six inches wide. In addition, the tapered design of the outer side edges add to the unique appearance, while the curved top includes a hanger hole, just slightly off-centered to aid in weight distribution on a peg hook display. Finally, this package includes a slightly raised and curved front truly elevating the design to a peak of performance for both the contents and the package.


The LintAlert Dryer Safety Alarm provides notice of airflow restrictions in a common household appliance, the clothes dryer. This safety alarm is designed to alert the owner when back pressure has reached a dangerous level. View the full story in Packaging Digest.

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