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As an American manufacturer with strong ties to the hunting and fishing markets, VisiPak has designed and manufactured hundreds of standard and custom packages for everything from custom duck calls to mass merchandised fishing line.


  • VisiPak's innovative approach to manufacturing many clamshell packages allows one to choose from a standard mold base while customizing the product insert cavity to fit the product...or in this case, hold the product in place. 

Clamshell Package for String


In this example, VisiPak's design team placed the product cavity to the left hand side of the clamshell - creating a large messaging area to promote the call's features. 

Clamshell Package for Duck Call


The VisiPak design and production teams can make custom clamshells for virtually any product.  For these protective glasses, the team designed a custom, clear plastic clamshell that provided a 180° view of the glasses.

  • By designing the cavity to minimize the movement of the glasses, the package not only help merchandise the product, but it protects it during shipping as well.
clamshell package for protective glasses


By packaging this hunting knife in a trapped blister package, SOG got a package that was easy for retailers to hang while clearly displaying the product. Due to the nature of the product, the “trapped” blister made it difficult to open the package without some type of cutting tool. The result was an effective, yet safe package.

Tamper-resistant trapped blister package for hunting knife


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