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Shorr Packaging Corp. is one of the largest independent packaging distribution firms in the nation. From packaging equipment to consultant services, Shorr provides expertise in integrated packaging solutions and integration is key. With an exhaustive list of strategic relationships in manufacturing equipment and consumables, Shorr delivers high quality products and services.

Late in 2008, Shorr began a business relationship with VisiPak purchasing a thermoformed clamshell. About a year later, when a new product for Shorr developed, VisiPak was called into action once again. One of the restrictions submitted related to the size of the new thermoformed container. The new thermoformed protective packaging was to be a specific depth and width, with height the only dimension that could vary. The thermoformed package would protect an expensive new product and then be inserted into a corrugated box, complete with an outlet for a handle.

The new product, a GPS system for the agricultural industry, is used to guide tractors with impeccable precision and is a costly unit demanding shipping protection. This is where the VisiPak design engineering team stepped up to the plate. By closely analyzing the components of the GPS system itself, the VisiPak engineers arrived at a design that would not only satisfy all existing requirements, but also provide for less expensive tooling on future revisions by developing interchangeable mold bases.

As is well known, technology is always changing and the various components of the GPS unit may change in future versions. VisiPak packaging design engineers are well aware of this concept and with this in mind, designed a new thermoform tray with an interchangeable mold base. Simply put, a base mold forms the outer frame of the thermoformed tray and another interior mold, which contains the various cavities for the various GPS components, is inserted to form a single tray. This means that the existing cavitations can be easily modified, saving thousands of future tooling costs.


Without changing the depth or width of the current design, one part of the tray would contain the screen and a second tray, the tray made from the interchangeable mold base, would hold the various other components of the GPS unit. The two trays would then stack and slide into the corrugated box, snugly securing all contents within. Also featured in the design of the thermoformed trays is the contour or scoop allowing for the handle of the outer box.

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Not only did the VisiPak design engineers create the thermoformed package protection required, but because of their perception of advancements in technology, they were able to consider not only the moment, but the future as well. With this type of service, Shorr can conceivably save 1/3 of future tooling costs should variations of the GPS device require new packaging.

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