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At a time when awareness of pandemic flu is at the highest level, we are all alert to news concerning the protection of our loved ones and ourselves. The difficulty in finding protection from the flu increases because our lives are very mobile and immediate protection seems to be at home in the medicine chest. However, with the new Pandemic Flu Personal Protection Tube Kit from Precise Kit Promotions, Inc., protection is easily in hand - or more precisely, in a tube.

Using a clear tube and a red plug from VisiPak, Precise Kit Promotions created a convenient way to store essential personal protection items to have on hand whether you are home, in the car, on a bus or train, or just on the go. The 7.5 inch refillable Safety Tube contains seven different essential items, all recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Safely stored inside the tube and secured with the plug closure, these essentials easily tuck into a purse, backpack, briefcase, lunch sack, glove compartment and many other convenient locations.

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Historically, VisiPak tubes have provided protection to the products inside for a variety of industries and many different uses, but the current need to protect the protection products is ironic. "Our tubes are typically used to protect retail items or industrial tools, but the idea of protecting the protection is beyond clever," said Mark Moore, VisiPak Regional Sales Manager. Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Marketing for VisiPak and all the Sinclair & Rush Companies, adds to the irony saying, "To stretch this further, we protect the protection in order that you may protect yourself and your loved ones. It's precisely what we do at VisiPak".

Precise Kit Promotions couldn't agree more. "With the tube and plug, we can easily slip the essential items inside and ship them quickly to their destination," says Steve Gould, Owner, Precise Kit Promotions, Inc. "With all the media influence on the topic of swine flu, customers requesting our Pandemic Flu Personal Protection Kits include health organizations, Not-for-Profit organizations, the US military, federal, state and local governments, disaster relief organizations including The Salvation Army and The American Red Cross, shelters, schools, and businesses," said Mr. Gould. To learn more about Precise Kit Promotions, click here.


Precise Kit Promotions has supplied Not-for-Profit clients with quality kits, gifts and supplies for more than 35 years. Precise Kit's specialty is providing organizations with creative and value priced solutions. At the upstate plant in Utica, New York Precise employs beneficiaries from The Association for Retarded Citizens of Oneida and Lewis Counties. Recognized by The New York State Rehabilitation Association for their partnership with rehabilitation agencies to help make the most of people's abilities is one of the finest achievements of Precise Kit Promotions.

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