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Our packages come in a variety of sizes and styles including standard and custom clamshells, blister packs, packaging tubes and more. We even have a line of standard ClamTrays or can custom build a package to your exact needs.


With nearly 200 stock sizes available for immediate shipment, our line of stock clamshells are ideal for those looking for an attractive package that can be purchased in small quantities at a competitive price.

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Custom clamshell packaging


For high volume applications, VisiPak can manufacture custom clamshells with cavities designed to hold and protect contents safely and securely while offering the highest level of merchandising.

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Stock Clamshell Fishing Lure



Clamshell Trays offer the ability to package, separate, and secure multiple different lures in a single package. Designed with a hinge lid or cover, these trays come in a variety of stock options for quick shipping, and can also be custom made to your products or applications needs. 

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Clam Tray Compartment Clamshells
Clam Tray Compartment Clamshells
Clam Tray Compartment Clamshells
Clam Tray Compartment Clamshells
Clam Tray Compartment Clamshells
Clam Tray Compartment Clamshells


For high volume applications, we manufacture face seals, full face seals, trapped blisters and slide blisters for packaging all kinds of fishing lures.

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blister packs


Our full line of tubular packaging containers are ideal all types of fishing lures and jigs as they offer a 360° view of the product with cap options for hanging, stacking and more.   Numerous standard sizes are available in round, square, rectangular and more. 

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