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Fashion Folio Special Category!

The Fashion Folio is of course open and encouraging of all sorts of fashion and designs. Throughout its history, there have often been additional special categories,just for a fun change of pace.

So, in keeping with that, we are happy to announce that Castle Blood will be hosting a special category: Classic Universal Monsters.

Re-imagine one of the characters from any of the classic monster movies (1954 and earlier) in to how you would like to see them.
1st place 50.00 cash prize, 2nd place 25.00 and third place 10.00. Each winner will also receive a Castle Blood goodie bag.

Be sure to mark your entries if you want to be in this part of the competition.

Castle Blood also sponsored this contest in 1997 at Costume-Con 15 in Baltimore, and in honor of its many Canadian cast members, is pleased to do so again.