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Well known manufacturer of cosmetic products with many innovative brands developed new fragrances, one for men and one for women, each with a very unique appearance. This amazing characteristic was as much a selling point as the fragrance itself. It became very important for the customer to see the bottled fragrance as well as smell the scent of the new product.

Visually, the fragrance exhibits what appears as two different liquids in one bottle. That is, the two colors do not mix. This creates an awesome attraction for consumers. Previously, the manufacturer used printed corrugated tubes, and this simply would not suffice as it would obviously conceal the extraordinary look of this new line.

The fulfillment company working with the manufacturer contacted VisiPak with the visual packaging requirement. VisiPak supplied a clear PETG tube with a welded bottom insert to create the clear container. In addition VisiPak round plugs, custom made to match the manufacture’s color specification, would enclose the bottled fragrance. As a final step, VisiPak was able to apply the labels to the clear container, achieving all that the manufacturer required.

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Whether it is the most delicate makeup brush, the finest lipstick, elegant skin care products or nail care tools, protection is an obvious consideration. A protective packaging container will not only keep items free of dust on retail shelves, but clear packaging allows for inspection and examination by many consumers without tampering with the contents. A secure, clear package can reduce shrinkage for retail stores and manufacturers, while giving the consumer the feeling of purchasing a secured product.

VisiPak tubes can be permanently sealed on one end or, apply two closures on each end of our open-end tubes to provide access from either end. Consider adding a label, which can be applied directly to the tubing as part of the production process. Next select from our many styles of caps and plugs. There are eight standard colors to choose from and custom colors can be arranged. Square clear plastic tubes can also be produced as well as oval, triangle and rectangular shapes.

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