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Disposal of empty gas cylinders is not as simple as discarding the used container in a trash can. It involves so much more. It includes a long list of federal, state and local regulations and fees. An innovative leader in the field has come up with a solution to cut the costs and also reduce waste. This saves time, money and the environment.

A recyclable cylinder program includes the use of a clear tube for shipping. The tube serves a dual purpose. First, it is used to ship to a customer. Retaining the tube and caps allows it to be used as a shipping container when the cylinder is empty. The empty cylinder has the address and return data already affixed to it and because the clear container shows the contents inside, the shipping papers are ready to go. Just secure the cap and place with other items to be picked up. 

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Whether your product is an industrial gas, a tool, a solvent, a component, a cosmetic item, a craft or retail item often protective packaging is required. What is better than a clear tube package to show the contents?

A permanent seal on one end of a tube can be combined with a functional cap or stylish plug to make a clear tube container. Or, as in the case above, a single open end tube is capped off on both ends. Labeling can assist in providing the consumer with important details and/or instructions. VisiPak can assist with this and other creative ways to label and secure the contents.

Create the perfect package to protect and display while also allowing the end user to use and re-use the clear container for storage. Clearly this is a win for the environment, end user and the manufacturers providing the product and services. Call VisiPak for your clear packaging needs.

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