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Can I get a sample of stock clamshell before I order?

Yes.  In fact we strongly encourage you to request a sample to ensure that the clamshell meets all of your specifications.  Request sample.

What dimensions should I consider for a clamshell?

We provide some guidelines to assist with choosing a clamshell. Learn More

How do I seal a clamshell?

There are several methods for sealing a clamshell, mainly dependent on the quantity to be sealed. Learn More

What materials do you use?

PVC and PET are the most commonly used materials. Learn More

What is the lead time?

Lead times will vary greatly depending on the product being ordered.  Stock clamshells are typically shipped within 1-2 days while made-to-order clamshell containers have a lead-time of a few weeks.  The lead-time on designing and manufacturing the initial tooling for custom and semi-custom clamshells varies greatly from project to project.  We recommend that you review your specific situation and needs with your VisiPak packaging specialist for a time estimate.

Do you produce insert cards?

Looking for graphics, header cards, inserts or blister cards for your new package? VisiPak is proud to work with trusted partners like Printing and Packaging, Inc. to ensure our customers get a complete package solution. Link to our partners for insert cards and follow this link for blister cards.



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Contact sales for volume pricing and access to free samples for testing and prototyping.

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For help finding the best package for your application or creating one that is customized to your specific needs.

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For immediate access to our stock packaging tubes, clamshells, containers, caps and more.

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