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Faced with a variety of delicious morsels to be packaged may seem quite the challenge. Thinking out of the box led to a method of packaging that wasn’t just pleasing to the eye, but enticing to the taste buds as well!


In addition, the classy label with gold trim was paired up with a gold plug to seal in the freshness and complete the clear package tube container with style. The highend appearance opened new doors in the retail spectrum, increasing profit for the chocolatier, for the retailer, and for VisiPak. However, the biggest beneficiary is the one enjoying all the savory chocolate treats!

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When you have a product that is pleasing to the eye, it needs to be the focus of the package. Why hide your classy, sophisticated or functional product inside cardboard packaging? Let the buyer see the details inside. With clear tubes from VisiPak the content draws the eyes directly to your product and it can speak for itself. Labels are another part of the operations at VisiPak with high-speed machinery to generate fast production results.

Clear tubes can be converted to containers by closing one end either with a removable closure or, a fixed, permanent bottom insert plug. Tubes and containers are sold separately from caps and plugs. To view which closures are available for specific tubes and containers visit our website product pages. The charts display the diameters of the tubes down the left side and across the top are the caps and plugs, indicated by an “X” when available for the diameter.

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