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Everyday ordinary objects. Buttons. Plastic cups. Index cards. Pencils. Toothpicks. What do these everyday ordinary items have in common with clear plastic tubes? Just ask Tara Donovan. The artist has a unique ability to take these ordinary items and transform them into incredible art forms. Including clear plastic tubing.


A recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation "genius" award, Tara Donovan’s creations are composed of such simple, mundane, even dull objects. Yet, with her creative artist talent, she converts many of these manufactured products into remarkable and massive works of art. In part, Ms. Donovan focuses on transparent materials. VisiPak, of course, is a perfect match for the artist’s ingenuity.

In the case of VisiPak, Ms. Donovan arranged a display of clear plastic tubes incrementing in size and composed of over 180 sizes! An enormous display of transparent tubes placed strategically together standing from the smallest to the largest. But let the art speak for itself!

The final work of art was displayed in 2018 at The Armory Show in New York. It also earned a mention in an article by The New York Times. Clair Watkins of Donovan Studios said, “The tube sculpture looked great and got a lot of attention. The tubes were great, I really appreciate your help and hard work to make it happen. It was only possible because you guys [VisiPak] were able to cut them to size and turn them around so quickly, so thank you!”

So get your creative juices flowing. Learn how VisiPak can help provide a solution for your next project, visit our website or call us at 800-949-1141.

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