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April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON

Volunteer Agreement

Please read the following document thoroughly. As a volunteer at Costume-Con 32, you agree to abide by the following regulations.

1. Etiquette and Behaviour
CC32 Volunteers are expected to behave courteously towards all CC32 members, including attendees, guests, staff, and their fellow volunteers. At no time is a volunteer on-duty to lose their temper or act in a rude or callous manner towards other CC32 members, Sheraton Hotel staff, or the public. We require that all volunteers refrain from using profanity, whether spoken or gestured.

Volunteers are expected to be informed, attentive, and ready to help. Volunteers are provided with a general convention overview, including a layout of the Sheraton hotel, a programme with key events highlighted, and a list of common duties they may perform. When in doubt, refer either to the programme, map, or a nearby volunteer or staff member for help.

If you feel you are being threatened, harassed, or mistreated in some way, please refer to your supervisor or another key member of staff. We will do our utmost to ensure all of our volunteers are safe and taken care of. We love you guys!

2. Dress and Cleanliness
CC32 Volunteers are expected to maintain a competent level of hygiene and maintain clean attire. Cosplay is encouraged provided that it does not interfere with mobility and does not generate excessive heat or otherwise restrict a volunteer from performing their duties properly.

Volunteers which dress in a way which is insulting to the public (e.g: T-shirts containing profanity, slurs, or other objectionable slogans) may be asked to change. Don’t stress too much about this point! We recognize the individual rights to express themselves and will happily come to a compromise on most items.

3. Reimbursement of Volunteer Badges
Volunteers must purchase a membership in order to attend CC32. Memberships may be reimbursed when 20 cumulative hours of work have been completed. Any CC32 Volunteer who completes a total of 20 hours of volunteer service will receive a full reimbursement of their membership. Satisfactory completion will be at the discretion of both the Volunteer Coordinator and your direct department head.

4. Safety and Security
Volunteers must comply with all fire and safety regulations as outlined by the venue. In the unlikely event of fire, volunteers are instructed to head calmly for the nearest exit. Do not bar or obstruct any other persons from leaving. In the event of a serious injury, volunteers are expected to work with other volunteers and staff to contact the hotel front desk and have them notify emergency services. If a volunteer cannot leave the injured person and no other staff or volunteer are available to assist, a volunteer should call emergency services personally. No volunteer is to obstruct emergency service personnel in any way. In the event of a minor injury, volunteers are expected to ensure that the injured party is safe and report to the hotel front desk to request medical aid. Thereafter, repair to the CC32 staff office (aka “ConCom”) to deliver a status report.

5. Age Restrictions
CC32 Volunteers must be at least sixteen (16) years of age in order to volunteer. We will not approve volunteer applications from any members younger than 16. You may be asked to present ID upon reporting to the Volunteer Desk.

6. Anti-Discriminatory Policies
CC32 Volunteers are expected to treat all other members of CC32 with respect. CC32 does not condone or encourage any expressions of sexism, racism, or other forms of discrimination. Volunteers found engaging in any of these, including but not limited to gender-based or sexuality-based discrimination, body shaming, verbal or physical harassment, or explicit profiling will be marked for poor behaviour and may have their membership revoked.

7. Penalties
In keeping with the above expectations, volunteers will be allowed two minor offences. Should a third offence occur, the volunteer may have their status and/or membership revoked, and may be barred from participating in any official CC32 activities. Understand that this is unlikely and we do want everyone to have fun, however we must also place the safety and security of the community and convention at the forefront of our duties.

Thank you for reading this document!