Join Us
April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON


Our theme is Myths, Monsters and Legends – find inspiration from folklore and mythology worldwide, modern monster movies, or create your own fantastic mythos!

Of course you don’t have to follow the theme, it’s just there to inspire you and there will be theme-related prizes throughout the weekend.

Some ideas to get you thinking:

What about Legendary Monsters of North America? http://mentalfloss.com/article/12903/10-legendary-monsters-north-america-part-one

How about some Harryhausen? http://www.harryhausen.com/

What about URBAN LEGENDS? Cryogenically Frozen Walt Disney? What about those giant alligators and rats that supposedly live in the sewers of New York City? What does Bloody Mary that lives in the mirror look like?

What about Dr Who monsters? Classic or New Who? ….

Or Pokemon – Pocket Monsters?

Get some inspiration from these gorgeous Yoruba deities: http://www.africandigitalart.com/2013/05/yoruba-african-orishas/