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April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON

Social Activities

There’s lots to do at Costume-Con!  We want you to have the best time possible and make lots of new friends, so here are some activities to help connect at CC32!


We will be having meetups during the weekend so people with shared interests can meetup, exchange ideas, show off their creativity, and make new friends! Some example of types of meetups: Beading, Steampunk, Dolls & BJDs, furries, lolitas, historical costumers, corset-making, kimono enthusiasts, etc.

Topics are unlimited, but we ask that they remain family friendly in the general convention space.

Meetups are groups of like-minded individuals mingling and talking.  There is no group leader or designated head, and there is no “official” agenda or conversation list.  In fact, we expect there to be many different threads of conversation going on!

New Members’ Social

On Thursday evening we’ll have a get-together in the Con Suite for those who are new to Costume-Con – to hang out, chat, ask questions and get to know everyone!

Badge Ribbons

We encourage trading badge ribbons!badge ribbons

What are badge ribbons? They are small, horizontal ribbons that have been traditionally used to identify how people are officially participating at the convention: (panelist, staff, guest, exhibitor, etc), however people also make their own ribbons to bring to conventions to trade and collect for fun. We welcome and encourage badge ribbons at CC32.

Many attendees get custom ribbons printed out and then hand them out for free to other attendees – it may be randomly on a whim, because you like someone’s costumes, style, attitude, whatever,  or even for a specific theme, like seeing cosplayers from your favourite series, ( eg. Pokemon, we try to collect them all!)

They come in a wide range of styles and colors, though traditionally are horizontal-oriented with an adhesive strip at the top. They’re not mandatory at all, just something for fun.

Some good info on badge ribbon etiquette can be found here: http://www.gallifreyone.com/?page_id=290

Where to get ribbons: PC/nametag

Room Parties

For more info on hosting a room party, see here.


Swap Meet


Have costuming stuff you don’t need or want anymore, just cluttering up the place? Bring it to the swap meet and exchange it for new stuff!  Time TBA.