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April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON


How long does the con run?

The con programming starts first thing Friday morning and runs until Monday afternoon.   There is a competition Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night, as well as Sunday during the day. There are also optional tours and activities on the Thursday preceding and the Tuesday following. As a result we strongly recommend that people reserve their hotel rooms from Thursday night until at least Monday.

What sort of costumes should I wear? Are anime and video-game costumes okay?

At Costume-Con, anything goes, from streetwear to mascots to kimono to anime to historical to original designs.  There are no rules about the origin of your costume!  So bring whatever you want, the sky’s the limit!

Can I wear hall costumes?

Hall costumes are definitely encouraged; a lot of people wear older costumes or more comfy costumes in the halls and then change to their competition costumes later in the day. Competition costumes can often be big and bold and showy, but subtlety is also appreciated and some very understated pieces have won big in the past.

But I haven’t been costuming for very long and I’m afraid my costumes aren’t good enough for CC!

Don’t worry, that’s why there are skill divisions! You don’t have to compete against the people who’ve been doing this for decades, and as for hall costuming/cosplay there is a wide variety of stuff worn, from very elaborate gowns to comfy embellished vests or hats with street clothes.

I feel like I can’t show my face unless I have a lot of new costumes!

Most of the people at Costume-Con won’t have seen any of your costumes before, so go ahead and bring your older costumes!

Can I wear purchased/commissioned costumes?

Absolutely, as long as you don’t enter them into the competitions. Anything goes in the halls, however!

Do you have to wear costumes to attend the con?

No, you can just be interested in any aspect of costuming!

Which masquerade should I enter?

If your costume has a historical basis, you could enter the Historical Masquerade. It can either be serious historical recreation, a recreation of traditional cultural costume, or your own interpretation/mashup of historical costume. For pretty much everything else, your safest bet is the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Masquerade. It’s open to all genres and types of costumes. Read the rules for each competition, but if you’re unsure which division you should enter, please e-mail the respective Masquerade Directors.

What competitions happen on which days?

Friday night: Social, and Single Pattern contest.
Saturday night: Fantasy & Sci-Fi Masquerade
Sunday Day: Future Fashion Show
Sunday Night: Historical Masquerade

Does the student rate include highschool and university/college students?

Yes, as long as they have valid student ID on the date of the convention.

I already registered, will I be sent a ticket? Is there anything else I need to do to attend?

No, there are no physical tickets; we keep a membership list of everyone who’s registered.  All you need to do on the day of the con is to check in at Registration and pick up your badge and info packet.  Please bring ID with you!

I registered, but now I can’t attend.  What happens to my registration?

We don’t offer refunds, but you can transfer your membership to someone else.  Please contact us for details.

  • Danielle Pitt

    Is there a way to volunteer or apply to become staff? I am planning on attending but this will be my first year and I always like to volunteer at new conventions on my first year.

  • Viva

    This will be my first time going to a con. Are people generally friendly? I’ll be cosplaying Homestuck and I know there’s been some issues with that particular fandom at cons before. What should I expect on that front?

    • Sarcasm-hime

      Everyone at Costume-Con is usually very friendly and welcoming! We will have an info booth as well as select experienced CC congoers acting as liaisons to help answer questions for 1st timers. :) Homestuck cosplayers shouldn’t have any particular difficulties as we hope that everyone will behave responsibly no matter what their fandom preferences. If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact our security staff.

  • Stephenie Denault

    Will there be day passes available ?