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Con Suite & Parties

What is a Con Suite?

For those who don’t frequent sci-fi/fantasy/literary/media cons, this term may be unfamiliar.

Costume-Con 32 consuite

A con suite is a party room/lounge, hosted by the convention staff, where attendees can sit down, relax, get a snack and socialize.

There are free drinks (usually pop/soda, coffee and tea, etc.) and a variety of free snacks, both healthy and otherwise.

The CC32 con suite is located in the Club Lounge and is available from early in the morning to late into the night. It is a place where congoers can go to meet friends in a relaxed environment, grab a bite between panels or just to chill out. This is also where groups (usually from upcoming CCs) often run sponsored parties in the evenings.

If you would like to run a party in the Con Suite, please let us know!

On Thursday night at 9pm there will be a ‘New Members Social’ get-together in the Con Suite for those new to Costume-Con, so you can hang out, chat and get to know each other.

Room Parties:

A room party is hosted in your hotel room and may be hosted by a club, members of another attending convention, an exhibitor, or even a group of friends or individuals.  Room parties can be invite-only or open to the public., and are some of the more unique and memorable events at a con.  They usually have a theme of some type (although it’s perfectly okay not to), such as Pretty Pink Princess, Star Wars Cantina, Japan, Vampire, Harry Potter, Pirates, etc.  Perhaps you want to base your room party around your favourite movie or book series, sports team, colour, holiday, etc.; the sky is the limit.

Ideas: Themed snacks, themed decorations, themed trivia or games, themed badge ribbons, themed takeaways, con promo items and fliers.  If you’re representing a convention, you can sell memberships at your room party.

Basics:  You must notify us of the night of your party and contact person who’s representing the party.  The day of the party, put a sign on your room door so people can find you, and you may want to put up posters and fliers at the con.  We will also have a listing on the website for all open-to-the-public parties.

Please post party rules (if any) at the doorway including wrap-up time.


Room Party Contest!

We will be running a contest for room parties – throw the most awesome party and you could win your hotel room night for FREE!!  Parties will be voted on by congoers.


Room Party FAQ

Q: Do I need to serve alcohol/beer at my room party?

A: Absolutely not; it’s up to you.  If you do serve alcohol, it must be free.

Q: Can I have a tips/donation box?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Can I sell stuff in my room party?

A: Yes, as long as it is legal to do so and does not conflict with the criminal code of Canada.  You are not permitted to sell alcohol.

Q: Do I need to provide food and drinks for guests?

A: No, it’s up to you whether you offer refreshments as part of your party.  It is not mandatory.

Q: What items should I be prepared to bring?

A: Serving materials if you’re providing food, and don’t forget garbage bags; a couple always help especially if serving snacks.

Q: Is there a supermarket nearby?

A: Yes, there are two nearby: a Food Basics (1735 Kipling Ave, 2.5km away) and a No Frills (460 Renforth Dr, 7 km away)

Q: Is there a party floor I should book my room on?

A: No, we have the entire hotel. :)


Can’t run a room party but still want to be involved?  Contact us to sponsor the consuite!