Join Us
April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON

Con Schedule

Schedule is up! There may be some last-minute changes as a few panels may get cancelled if enough panelists cannot be found.

Programming Schedule (doesn’t include Masquerades)

NOTE: The following workshops have limited participation and require pre-registration.  Signup will begin on 9am Friday at Programming Ops.

Beaded Cabochons – $10 kit fee
Cyberlox Making Workshop  – $10 kit fee
Drafting a Body Block Workshop – $3 kit fee
Drafting Bunny Suits – $2 kit fee
Fabric Painting Workshop – $5 kit fee
Macrame Workshop
Pasty Making Workshop – $10 kit fee
Ren Fair Rosettes – $10 kit fee
Silk Ribbon Embroidery – $5 kit fee
Teeth Casting – $15 fee – MUST ATTEND BOTH SESSIONS
Amigurumi Crochet Workshop
Embossing Velvet
Shibori Workshop
Shisha Mirrors workshop

All fees are cash-only, Canadian currency only.


Major Events & Times

Afternoon – Queen St Shopping Trip
7-10pm – Registration
9pm – New Members Meet & Greet (con-suite)

8am – Registration opens
9am – programming starts
10am – Dealers room opens
6pm – Single Pattern contestants to greenroom
7pm – Social starts featuring the Single Pattern Competition
7pm – Registration closes
7pm – Dealer’s room closes

8am – Registration opens
9am – Programming starts
9am – Dealers’ room opens
11-5 – F&SF Masquerade rehearsals (by appt)
4pm – greenroom for F&SF Masquerade
7pm – F&SF Masquerade
7pm – Registration Closes
7pm – Dealer’s room closes

8am – Registration opens
9am – Programming starts
9am – Dealers room opens
9:30am – greenroom for Future Fashion Show
11am – Future Fashion Show show
1-5pm – Historical Masquerade rehearsals (by appt)
6pm – Historical Masquerade greenroom call
7pm – Registration closes
7pm – Dealers Room closes

10am-2pm – Dealers room hours
9am-5pm – Programming
Afternoon – Museum tour, Little India shopping trip
7pm – Pool Party

  • Trixyloup Wolf

    aww will be missing the pool party =_=
    because we had to book our bus in advence usualy there nothing after lunch time
    =_= now iam sad =_=;;;;
    if we had knew =_=