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April 25-28

Sheraton Hotel
801 Dixon Rd.
Toronto, ON


What is Costume-Con?

COSTUME-CON is an annual 4-day conference about costumes and cosplay! All forms of costuming are welcome, including anime, comics, video games, fantasy, sci-fi, theatrical/film/TV costumes, millinery, fursuits, and more.

Costume-Con is a “travelling” international-level convention, and is in a different city and run by a different committee each year, so every year is a little different. It’s also 4 whole days – events start Friday morning and run until mid-afternoon Monday, plus optional tours and activities on the Thursday and/or Tuesday!

Costume-Con has only been in Toronto once before, and that was in 1995 – so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to show your stuff, schmooze and share with other costumers and cosplayers!

It’s my first Costume-Con, what should I expect?

If you’re used to anime cons, you may be a bit surprised by Costume-Con; the atmosphere is very laid-back and casual….at least until right before the masquerades!

There’s a lot to do at Costume-Con! There are fascinating activities every hour of the day, including lots of panels, demos and workshops on specialized costuming techniques and cool new tools or materials. Attendees are also eager to swap tips and tricks and ogle each others’ handiwork.

Some examples of panels and workshops from previous CCs are:

  • leatherworking
  • making  props and armour
  • beading
  • Chinese Opera costumes
  • colour and design theory
  • moldmaking and casting
  • wig styling
  • making movable wings
  • making your own custom vampire teeth
  • electronics for costumes
  • stagecraft and lighting
  • dyeing and painting fabric
  • needle felting
  • ribbon embroidery
  • panels on costumes from every era of history


In the Dealer’s Room the vendors sell everything a costumer could desire, including fabrics, trims, beads and sparkles, patterns, books on costume, and much more!

Every evening there’s a big costume event (and some during the day as well):

The Fantasy and Science-Fiction Masquerade (F&SF) is the kind of masquerade/cosplay contest most of us are used to – any costume is acceptable, from accurate recreations to original designs.

The Historical Masquerade is for recreations of historical or ethnic garments, as well as original interpretations of historical styles. Can be serious or very silly!

The Single Pattern contest offers two or three commercially-available patterns for you to use as a starting point – modify them, embellish them, use your imagination and go wild!

The Future Fashion Folio is a popular two-part contest! For the first part, anyone can send in original fashion designs. These designs are juried and the best are put together into a booklet (the Folio) and sent to all designers and registered members of the convention. For the second part, registered attending members of the convention can choose any design from the Folio and make it to be displayed in a fashion show at the convention.

See the links above and to the right for more information on the competitions and events!

Please visit the Costume-Con Visual Archives to see photos from CCs past!